Easy Collard Greens Recipe for a simple vegetarian dinner.

Putting some greens in your diet is important. This collard greens recipe that can pass as a one dish meal.

Try this collard greens recipe on days when you're crammed with so much stuff to do and can't think of anything to cook for dinner. Even Popeye will think its spinach!

How to cook collard greens.A Collard Greens Dish that's downright simple. These veggies are certified organic straight from the summer garden.

Are there nights in your life when you rake your brains scanning for ideas on what to cook for dinner? Sauteed collard greens to the rescue! They're economical, quick, easy and very nutritious. 

Save your hard-earned money by cooking a vegetarian dinner a few times a week. You will not go to the doctor as often when you cheat the food system. This tactic can save you big time money in medical expenses.

You will be much happier.

When you eat animal flesh, the stresses that the animals go through get transferred to you making you prone to anger and insanity.

Planting a vegetable garden is awesome if you're worried about eating veggies sprayed with insecticides.  Even the fruit flies drop dead when they attempt to bite pesticide laden produce. 

Baby Collard Greens that survived the winter
  • Collard greens ( about a cup )
  • Baby Potatoes (about a dozen or so)
  • Garlic ( a few cloves depending on how garlicky you want it)
  • A bit of coconut oil (or any oil you already have)
  • Soy Sauce to taste
  • Fermented soybeans (replacement for anchovies)
  • pepper to taste
  • (you can add mushrooms to this for a clean meaty taste)

Oh yeah, and best tasting homegrown sliced tomatoes on top.

No need to peel the baby potatoes if they're organic. Just wash them well and cook them whole and set aside.

Chop up the greens. I like to roll the leaves and slice them into ribbons. 

Chop up the garlic. Put a bit of oil in a pan (I use a wok) and saute the garlic. Add in the fermented beans. Add in the collards.

Saute for about 5 minutes until cooked. Don't over-cook vegetables. (At this time, your place must smell so good with the smell of garlic sauteed in coconut oil.)

Season with soy sauce and black pepper.

Add the baby potatoes that you previously cooked. Stir to coat them with the veggies and the juices from the veggies. Transfer on a plate. Serve with tomato slices.

Try making this collard greens recipe - your health will thank you. 

As with any sauteing job, a wok is a must to have. Stir frying is so much easier when you use a wok.

This cookware gives more versatility than any other. It's a fry pan, a basin and a pot in one.

A simple meal is just minutes away. This collard greens recipe can be made for your lunch too. Make this a side dish or a main meal. You're the boss. Make the rules!

So that's how to cook collard greens my way. If you have a much better way, drop it in the virtual box here. We'll publish it for you to help others.

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