Coconut Milk Recipe 

Get your apron on. This coconut milk recipe is super simple. We're going to make organic natural coconut milk.

If you've been looking for a coconut milk recipe, look no further. If you ever wondered about making coconut milk from scratch? Here's how to do it.

coconut milk recipeThis picture shows how to make your own coconut milk from scratch using a Vitamix blender. You need warm water to put in the blender and a strainer to separate the pulp from the milk.

Ever wondered how you get the milk out of those rock hard shell? It's simple. 

In the Philippines where coconuts are abundant, we cooked just about anything with this nut milk. Coconut milk must be embedded in my veins. I ate food with it in them every day!

Hey, those coconut water straight out of coconuts shells are so refreshingly good for you. It's even said that it's better than intravenous hydration fluid. So toss that canned imitation flavored junk. Drink the real one, the good stuff.

No grinding. No grating. Do it in the Vitamix!

For years I never bothered making this directly from real fresh coconuts. Life was busy and I've settled for the canned ones instead. Realizing how much chemicals are added to those things are really shocking, I started making my own.  

I grew up in a land where folks were always making coconut milk almost everyday for cooking. Back in the day, in a galaxy far, far away, I've watched my Mom & Dad make this milk from start to finish. They even made the freshest coconut oil on the planet.

It starts from taking the coconut from the tree, strip the husk off of them, bust them open (save the juice for beverage) grate them, press the milk out off them and simmer it in a wok until it turns into oil.

Darn, I miss it. That stuff smells really good. Nothing like fresh coconut oil. I used to look forward to skimming the fat that collects on top of the wok. Those stuff was really fatty, yet crunchy and smells so ridiculously good and addicting.

Take it from a Filipino girl who grew with folks who were always cooking with coconut milk. Here in America, here's how to make your own.

You see, when you crack the coconut open, the liquid that you see inside it is NOT coconut milk. It's yummy coconut water. Save it and drink it fast because it's the real thing from mother nature - not from a can or box that says real coconut water. Don't be fooled. Read the fine print, it's probably 10% coconut water, if anything it says is true.

The white flesh that you see is the meat. That meat contains all the milk. You grate it, but why do it the hard way? Here's what you do. Take it from this Filipino girl. Make this coconut milk recipe the simple way. This is how it's done:

  • Choose the coconut

Okay, if you're in other parts of the world where coconuts can't grow, you can just go out to the store and buy one. Pick the right one! Shake it and you should hear liquid inside. Yeah. That's a good coco.

  • Crack it open and reserve the liquid - drink it immediately!
  • With a knife, pry all the meat out of the shell.
  • Break them in chunks and put them in the high speed blender.
  • Add about 3 cups of *warm water and turn the blender on high. 
  • Once churned fine, pour it in the strainer and a big container to catch the milk. Press the liquid out of the pulp with your hands to get all the white liquid out.

And there you have it, making coconut milk is really easy. You'll it fresh and free of chemicals.

Just go ahead and try it. Besides, there's nothing like a fresh taste of real coconut water. Enjoy it besides the milk from it.

Tip: Why use warm water? Luke warm water helps to extract the milk efficiently. By experience, warm water is just better at than cold water.

This coconut milk recipe is of course improvised from the native way of extracting milk from fresh coconuts. Where I came from, we did it the hard way buy grating it. But this is the 21st century when when the make high speed blenders like the Vitamix, and this is how I make my coconut milk in America. Cheers!

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