Chinese Vegetarian Food - It wasn't really chicken you ate!

Okay, if it wasn't chicken... then, what was it? It was just another Chinese vegetarian food that tasted just like General Tso's chicken.

On the hunt for Chinese vegetarian food, we came across this restaurant in New Jersey somewhere on our way to Bear Mountain.

Faux Meat Chinese FoodVegan and Vegetarian menus at Veggie Heaven. So tasty, it makes you very suspicious that it ain't chicken. Trust them. It's good for you.

Gallivanting in New York and neighboring places is just one of my passions whenever time and weather permit. 

That day was a great day.

My boys came home one weekend to spend Mother's Day with me with a plan to climb Bear Mountain upstate New York when on our way there we passed by this restaurant that specializes vegetarian food.

To our surprise everything tasted amazingly perfect. What's funny was that right on their menu it said: You Are What You Eat. Yup, coincidentally it's just synonymous to this website. How neat was that?

The stuff I ordered was the General Tso's chicken which tasted just like it but it wasn't - you can guarantee that. Mixed with porcini mushrooms they were just the best thing I've ever tasted and far beyond without killing a bird.

The boys ordered something different that had some orange sauces in them and the aroma just went through my nostrils and I wanted to delve into their plates too. We will try the BBQ Veggie Ribs (wheat Gluten) next time we visit. 

I'm a Pinoy vegetarian which means that I'm a Filipino practicing this lifestyle. So I love good Chinese vegetarian food or anything Asian that's healthy as well as tasty.

Veggie Heaven restaurant is one of the best vegan vegetarian restaurant I came across so far that specializes in delicious veggie food. The prices were very reasonable too.

Pesco vegetarians would love Chinese Buffets as well. In this busy life's era we need vegetarian fast food every once  in a while. Are you a fast food vegetarian? If you are, these places are recommended for you!

Other veggie places to eat are the local family owned Mom and Pop Asian eateries. You request a vegetarian version and they'll do it for you. In New York, we have so many choices. If you go deeper into the city, you can get the best vegetarian Pho soup in town. 

This is what's great about living near or in a big city. It's the melting pot of all nations and all the good food from around the world are available in every corner without flying on a jet plane to taste authentic favorites.

Here's our adventure eating at a Chinese Buffet digging into a selection of Asian vegetarian food. Yummers!

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