Chinese Buffet Food Choices

A plate of favorite vegetarian food at a Chinese buffet.

A plate of favorite vegetarian food at a Chinese buffet.

Vegetarian Food Choices at a Chinese Buffet

What's your favorite Chinese Buffet food? I hear you, there are so many food choices in a Chinese buffet with rows and rows of food that meet your face as soon as you enter the place. Some are good and some are not so good.

But here's my take of some of the favorite foods that I look forward to whenever we take a trip our local joint in town... where we are anyways.

We go to our local Chinese Buffet in town quite often. When the budget allows us, we stop there for lunch as lunch cost cheaper than dinner. We don't know why at first, but now I do. They serve king crab legs and lobster for dinner which is total logic to raise their prices for dinner.

Normally we go there on a Saturday for lunch just before we head on to run our weekend errands like food shopping and stuff.

This weekend we had freezing rain on our way there. Piles of snow are still on the ground. Best time to go to a Chinese buffet to get some hot tea and different types of soup. Oh yeah, I'm always in the mood for Miso soup. It was a freezing rainy day and the day just calls for a nice cup of soup.

My best choice of food at the moment is their sauteed greens which I think they are Chinese Bokchoy. Then I go for their California rolls, no wasabe please, thank you very much. A little pinch of pickled ginger is enough.

Bad thing about going to a buffet is that I always lose out. Why? It doesn't take much food to fill myself up. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and I'm full to the max.

However, I always make room for those amazing fried bananas that most customers kinda ignore. You can't ignore them folks, they're the best in my book.

So here's the lowdown on the best Chinese Buffet food choices for vegetarians:

- California Rolls with pickled ginger
- Steamed Edamame or Soybeans
- Fruit Salads
- Salads
- Vegetarian versions vegetables with Tofu
- Steamed Green Beans
- Roasted Potatoes
- Baked Mushrooms

and so much more!!! I even made a video of my adventure. Watch this video if you don't mind if I make you hungry!

ALL YOU CAN EAT for $9.99 per person. You get to have a free Fortune Cookie with a lotto number for a possible fortune.

A price like that will not kill the budget and still able to eat a descent vegetarian meal for two.

What's your favorite Chinese Buffet food? Leave a comment below.

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