Cheap Vegetarian Meals - Budget friendly nutritious food.

There are lots of cheap vegetarian meals that's not a bank breaker. You can stay healthy and still eat good nutritious food on a budget.

One sure cheap vegetarian meals that's nutritious and protein packed can be made in a jiffy. Rice can be cooked in many different ways and can be used as a main dish meal or a side dish.

There are many variety of vegetarian meals on the cheap that you can prepare for a family or a crowd that only take or use simple accessible ingredients. The simpler the food, the better it is for the body and it tastes so much cleaner too!

  • Rice and beans dishes is an all time favorite. Rice is not pricey at all and you can use it in many different recipes. Rice is a staple food in Asian countries.
  • Tofu dishes can be very versatile and they're rich in protein too! Get your Tofu on if you're concerned about your protein intake. It can adopt to any seasoning you put on it. Go ahead, marinate and stirfry away!
  • Garden Salads are a meal in themselves and also very filling packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Lunch salad recipes are the easiest to assemble!
  • A breakfast green smoothie is one sure way to get quality energy without the caffeine. You can make just a banana and orange smoothie for breakfast and have your veggie meal or snack  Orange Julius style!
  • Any rice dish is very affordable and it does not take much time to prepare. All you need is an affordable rice cooker and it will do the cooking for you. Set it, forget it and your rice is done!
  • Potato dishes are super affordable. A bag of potatoes serves a big family. Do you love potatoes? Well then, this spuds for you!
  • Fruits can be a bit pricey but some fruits are actually very cheap when they are in season. So pick the seasonal fruits for best price and quality!
  • Milk & Beverages - You can make a lot of almond milk by soaking a cup of almond for a few hours and process them in a high speed blender

Other Savings TIP:
When buying fruits, most supermarkets have their clearance isle. You can ask the grocer what day they put their fruit clearance and hit that day and rake up all the savings!

My idea of a well-equipped kitchen is having the best rice cooker on the planet that works according to my needs. 

Those who love rice should own one of the best rice cookers out there so you don't have to stir and watch your rice while it's cooking. You just set it and forget and it's done!

Getting your vegetarian nutritional needs doesn't mean spending a lot of money on supplements.  Mastering some simple kitchen hacks can save you loads of money while maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet.

Stay veggie wise! The simpler, the better. Vegetables and fruits are way cheaper than a slab of meat and chunks of cheeses.

This yellow rice and beans dish makes it to the list of cheap vegetarian meals.

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