Cantaloupe Juice Recipe

When life hands you a melon, make melonade! If it happens to be a cantaloupe melon, simply make this cantaloupe juice recipe.

Yummy cantaloupe juice recipe. You can just call it 'melonade' and drink it.

Cantaloupe Melon JuicePure cantaloupe melon juice for a really tasty beverage. It's fully loaded with disease fighting nutrients that every cell in the body craves.

There's nothing complicated about this cantaloupe juice recipe. You don't even have to call it a recipe. It's so easy!

You can eat your cantaloupe or you can  just juice it, whatever you're in the mood for. It's pristine untainted water with the most delicious flavor.

It smells really fruity. It's just about one of the best beverage in the summer when melons are in season.

There are so many melon fruit varieties in the summer. The widely available ones are the cantaloupes, honeydews and watermelons just to name a few. 

Melon fruits are so juicy that if you're not careful, they squirt in your eye. 

Cantaloupe Juice Recipe - Nothing to it.

  • Wash and slice the fruit.
  • Run it through a juicer - seeds, skin and all.
  • That's it. Done. Drink it.
Sweet Cantaloupe Juice

Of all the different types of melons, here are my top finalists:

Organic garden cantaloupe ready to be picked.

Cantaloupes (pictured above) - Its bright yellow orange color just screams that its loaded with nutrients and flavors. So good for your taste buds and the rest of your buds.

Cantaloupes have low calorie content and they have sweet enticing aroma. They're rich in Vitamin A and betacarotene and a great source of Vitamin C that fights free radicals and strengthens the immune system.

Besides eating them straight, I like to make this ever easy cantaloupe juice recipe.

Picking the one with a large webbing on the outside is a must. It should have a cantaloupe'y' sweet smell right by the stem where it was picked. If the melon meets this criteria, buy it. You'll never be disappointed.

There are so many types of melons out there. They come in yellow, red, pale green, orange... you name it. 

Watermelon - tops numero uno to me. They're so juicy that I can eat them all day and I don't care if I have to go pee a gazillion times. That only means that I'm helping my body eliminate toxins.

Nutrition experts and medical headlines say that watermelon juice is good for erectile dysfunction in men. So quit the pill that comes with a warning that may cause dizziness, craziness and even death - these are usually the precautions of every prescribed medication.

Honeydew - Just give me my honeydew honey. This pale green melon fruit is living (and growing) to its name because it is honey sweet. It's nature's sugar. Go for a honeydew to satisfy that beastly craving for 'anything' sweet!

Honeydews are rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C that tells disease-causing free radicals in your body to get lost. These free radicals are a normal byproduct of chemical processes but can damage the body causing inflammation and disease.

Zap them with melon juices!

Cantaloupe Bowl of Green Juice

See those traces of green on the rinds. You can't eat them like that but if you juice them, you are ingesting the nutrients from them. Why waste the rinds? Run them through a juicer and you have an excellent beverage.  

Melons are a perfect summer fruit. They are extremely hydrating and they are big enough so you can make a pitcher of melon drink from just one single fruit. They are cheaper when they are in season.

There are so many types of melons out there. They come in yellow, red, pale green, orange... you name it. 

You can use the whole melon fruit besides the flesh. The seeds make the juice real creamy. The rinds or skin has that hint of chlorophyll in them. You know what chlorophyll is - it the source of life. The sun and the plant are the best manufacturers of chlorophyll which is a great source of plant protein. 

Cantaloupe juice is not only beneficial from a medical point of view but they are also very cooling, hydrating and very refreshing anytime. They're perfect for a hot summer day. Good thing they're at their best in the summer months! They taste better than that bottled vitamin water made from a factory.

I'm getting thirsty. Let's make this goof-proof cantaloupe juice recipe already.

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