Breakfast Juice Recipe - So easy you should never settle for a bottled packaged OJ.

Nothing like a glass of Orange Juice in the morning. Here's the simplest breakfast juice recipe on the planet.

Nothing can compare to this breakfast juice recipe straight from real life oranges and not from a factory. You will never wanna touch that bottled Orange Juice ever again even if they're on sale.

Fresh Florida Orange Juice squeezed right out of oranges when they were in season. Yup, as you can see, they still have leaves on them.

Eating a couple of oranges won't give me my fruit requirement for the day. I would need at least five of them.

So what's the best and fastest way to get your day's recommended fruit allowance? Juice them! You get a tall fresh glass of OJ all in one shot.

Gone are the days when I get so excited about sales on Orange Juice from a box. Oh, should I get the calcium fortified? The pulpy one? Or the straight up smooth without the pulp? It was a tough decision and a bad one too. 

They were full of sugar, pasteurized for longer shelf life and they were loaded with artificial ingredients. Never again!

Packaged pasteurized juices that come in a box or bottles are fortified with vitamins that have been stripped off during processing. These juices are processed so why settle for those?

fresh squeezed orange juiceOranges juiced in a masticating juicer.

When you drink these juices freshly extracted from its natural source its guaranteed that your body is getting all the LIVE nutrients it needs to nourish and repair every damaged cell.

Unlike the packaged ones, they are just dead fortified with artificial vitamins that they've been stripped off.

This stuff is definitely better than coffee which puts your energy on halt after a few hours until the next refill. 

Orange Juice is the number one breakfast drink besides coffee. This juice is like the basic of basics.

  • the best juicing oranges you can find
  • a bit of ginger

- that's it!!!

Enhance the taste with a bit of ginger and your breakfast juice recipe couldn't be simpler. 

Oranges are great for detox juicing. We all know that oranges contain lots of Vitamin C. They're very alkalizing to the body as well. An alkaline body is not prone to diseases. An acidic body is the opposite.

With juicing oranges, you can maintain your pH with a simple delicious beverage like this. 

A simple citrus juicer can do the job real well. In fact, it's better because the micro-nutrients that are naturally occurring in the fruit is less heated or oxidized when you juice the oranges by hand.

A manual press juicer does a great job on oranges as well. Best thing about the manual press is that it works without electricity! You can fresh OJ even on power outages. You can bring it on picnics, camping or even to the beach!

A masticating juicer is great for this job too. Section the oranges and feed them through the chute. Though, be careful with the seeds. It can turn your juice a little bitter. Same with the peel. Just don't juice the peel!

So the best method for making this breakfast juice is to use manual press or electric citrus juicer. It makes the best fresh orange juice ever!

Nothing like a fresh orange juice you made yourself. You know what they're made of.

Will never buy OJ again from a bottle or from a refrigerated section of the supermarket. Will never get sucked in to those misleading commercials about how fresh they are...

Nope. Those orange juice in a box are dead. They're just fortified with laboratory vitamins to make up to what the factory has done to them.

This breakfast juice recipe for that morning beverage is the real deal.

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