Breakfast Fruit Smoothies - A meal and a dessert in one.

So you want a healthy breakfast that don't require cooking right? Well then, give breakfast fruit smoothies a go.

When we say breakfast fruit smoothies, we mean all fruit and vegetables with nothing artificial added, just fruit and veggies. This one has jackfruit in it.

breakfast fruit smoothieThis fruit smoothie is really filling. It has sweet jackfruit segments, bananas and lots of strawberries in it. They were frozen to give you a soft-serve ice cream effect.

Breakfast fruit smoothies are the best thing since sliced bread. Just cram all the fruits of your choice inside the high speed blender, give it a whirl and breakfast is done. Yup, just like that!

The trick to having a really nutritious fruit smoothie is choosing the right fruits with low sugar content, add some greens if you wish and just eyeball it by adding sweet fruits. The ratio should be 50-50 in terms of sweetness.

If you are not diabetic and you like sweet fruits with high sugar content, then just go right ahead. Suit yourself.

Here's a yummy one:

Smoothie with jackfruit and just a bit of strawberries so it's just the right amount of sweetness.
  • Frozen ripe jackfruit segments
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen bananas
  • filtered water to get the blender going
  • a bit of peanut butter

You know the drill. There's nothing to it. Just cram them all in your Vitamix blender and give it a whirl until they're all nice and creamy with a consistency of a soft serve ice cream.

It's a meal in a form of ice cream. Who wouldn't want an ice cream for breakfast? 

The jackfruit is really filling and meaty by default. So this smoothie is downright satisfying.

To make the best smoothies on the planet, here's the appliance you cannot live without - the mighty Vita-mix!

We love our Vitamix !!!

Having breakfast shakes is one of the best ways to get your recommended fruit and veggies allowance for the day. 

If you are not a salad eater, then a tall glass of breakfast green smoothie will do very well for you. It's like having a salad in a form of smoothie. 

Hey, even a picky eater will dig a frothy, icy fruity smoothie melting from a glass just like ice cream. It's filling and it's digested easily compared to a piece of bread, eggs, cheese and bacon that can make your body very acidic. It's been said that an acidic body is a host for all sort of diseases.

Kids dig creamy sweet smoothies. Almost all kids like sweets. So instead of giving them those sugar infused boxed cereal that are loaded with toxic food colors and harmful chemicals, making them some breakfast fruit smoothies is a better way to go.

Here's how we open a jackfruit and make a smoothie with it.

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