Best Veggie Burger in New York city

Best Veggie Burger eaten in Times Square Manhattan, New York City

Best Veggie Burger eaten in Times Square Manhattan, New York City

I just ate the best veggie burger in New York City. Yes, it was the best vegetable burger I've ever eaten that hopefully one day when I'm not busy I get to try to make it and post it here at to share to everyone. Although, I failed to ask the waiter if I can have the recipe, oh wells...

You can eat anywhere in the New York city but you have to do a research first to maximize your choices if you like vegetarian food. Otherwise, you can eat food from the street vendors like Halal food which is way better than hot dogs and pretzels.

Now that the popularity of healthy smoothies are sweeping the nation, there are Smoothie stands popping out in the streets of New York city as well. Though it will cost you a bit more if you have to make your own smoothies. But hey, you only live once! Eat good.

There are good choices of food in this city that never sleeps. This time, we ate at Times Square Manhattan and you can imagine the prices for just a burger and some fries. I tried to order a salad but Gee-wiz, that alone was about 22 dollars!

Luckily for me, I spotted the veggie burger on the menu that was at the bottom and I changed my order.

The rest of my family ordered something like New York Pastrami sandwich, roast beef sandwich and some other food I'm not familiar with because it's all meat-based.

My little grandson ordered Spring rolls with the fries. Me? I was delighted to have the best veggie burger and I ate it in Times Square! It came with some salad on the side too!

Here's a video I've put together while we were looking for something to eat in the city before we head on to the Avengers station in Times Square:

It's always fun in the city. There's so much to do and places to see. After lunch we went to see the Avengers station where all of us became super heroes with super powers. We even had cards with probationary super heroes status. Fun stuff.

We also went to the Disney store and from there, we visited the World Trade Center Memorial Museum where once stood the twin towers that were destroyed by the terrorists attack back in September 11, 2001.

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