What Are The Best Vegetarian Meals?

When you start eating whole foods, you stop counting calories. This means you're eating the best vegetarian meals on the planet.

The best vegetarian meals are those that are coming from plants without all the crazy lengthy ingredients. Whether you're eating a raw food diet or cooked whole foods, your body will reap great health benefits.

whole foods vegetarian mealA plateful of breaded Zucchini flowers fried to perfection and paired with organic green vegetables makes a nice super nutritious meal without question.

If you think male zucchini flowers are useless because they don't make 'mini me' zucchinis, you're wrong! They're not just good for looks. They're really tasty!

Useful Tip:

Pick these zucchini flowers in the morning while they're all awake and are opened beautifully for you. Zucchini blossoms tend to close for business in the afternoon! They're bright in gorgeous yellow color and are totally edible!

Organic Zucchini BlossomMale zucchini flower all pretty for frying

Make Zucchini Poppers

  • A few male zucchini blossoms. 
  • Panko Breadcrumbs - these are much healthier than the other supermarket brands
  • Organic coconut oil for frying
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Adobo seasoning (choose carefully because some of them are loaded with MSG) or you can just skip it.

If you're not a strict veggie, use eggs. If vegan, use any nut milk for dipping the flowers so the crumbs stick to them. Breadcrumb them and fry in hot coconut oil. Drain  on paper towel and arrange on a platter. 

That's it!

For the Simple amazing green and fruity salad:

Just throw in your favorite greens, fruits, nuts and the like but don't forget the olives. Pour and mix in your favorite vegan vegetarian salad dressing .  

Throw in a big fat Kosher or Dill pickle and enjoy your healthy nutritious meal that you made yourself right off your backyard garden! Make it pretty enough to eat. Feast with your eyes first then devour!

The zucchini poppers a.k.a fried zucchini flowers or blossoms were crunchy and delicious. Bet you can't eat just one! It's the new different finger food for a change! From that point forward, we never let male zucchini flowers go to waste ever again! 

What makes the best vegetarian meals you ask?

Depending on your passion, whether you're in the mood for juicy raw foods like a salad of your choice, healthy smoothies or a cooked vegetarian casserole made with wholefood ingredients, you're doing your health a great favor. You can be sure that they're much cheaper meals too and the best quality food for nourishment.

Homemade fruit smoothies are great vegetarian meals and they can also be the best vegetarian weight loss meal that will supply you with all the nutrients while you lose the weight. 

All in all, the best veggie food are the ones that are not loaded with crazy unnatural ingredients. The ones that you make yourself are really the ultimate best vegetarian meals.  

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