Best Juicing Recipes with Citrus

Organic fruits and veggies can be expensive. So, the best juicing recipes are those that don't cause you to go broke to have your morning juice everyday.

The best juicing recipes can be as simple as making citrus juices. Straight up orange and grapefruit juices have been around way before the juicing hype explosion and the green juice madness. Yep, there's nothing like a simple fresh glass of citrus juice in the morning.

best juicing recipesA truck full of oranges parked inside the Swap Shop Farmers' Market in South Florida, the land known for sunshine and oranges! These fruits are so sweet as well as fresh and juicy.

We make it a habit to go to the Farmers Market on weekends. It's a good habit and I love careening from one fruit stand to another. Most of these places in South Florida are only open on weekends.

Well, except for the Swap Shop indoor outdoor flea market and farmers market located in Fort Lauderdale. This place is open seven days a week which is a very good thing!

You can find a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables of all kinds. Best of all, you'll get to have cold fresh coconut water too. It's so refreshing specially in a Florida heat.

You like sugar cane juice? They have sugar canes in bundles and they press it fresh right there in front of you in their very own Juice Extractor.

If you're like me, I always love to check out street markets anywhere I go specially when there are fruits involved. So when I saw this parked truck full of citrus fruits I went bonkers. I had to have a dozen of grapefruits and a dozen of oranges.

Swap Shop Farmers Market Ft. Lauderdale

The vendor was friendly and his wife was cutting the fruit in 4 sections for people to taste. No need to prove how sweet they were.

They were so sweet that the lady can't stop cutting them. People were tasting them like no tomorrow. 

I was sold before I even tasted them. They were plump and so juicy.  You can't get any fresher than these fruits from this truck unless you planted a citrus tree harvesting your own.

How much were they you asked? Well, the grapefruits were big selling 10 for $5.00 and the oranges were 12 for 5 bucks. They're so juicy that they were heavy to carry to the car parked at the free parking lot on the other side of the street. Whew!

As far as the best juicing recipes you're looking for, this is it! Nothing like simple juice recipes using citrus! So get your very own Citrus Juicer!
  • Make that morning OJ as fresh as it can ever be! These were so juicy that you can make a tall glass of fresh Orange juice from just two oranges!
  • For a glass of fresh grapefruit juice, you just need a large grapefruit, a citrus juicer and you're done. Drop a few ice cubes and chug  it down or sip it slowly, your choice. It's a perfect simple morning beverage!
Seriously, the best refreshing citrus juice is the one that come out of your very own Citrus Fruit Juicer.

Forget those citruses displayed in commercial supermarkets. They're old and half of the juices have dried out from transit from the farm to your supermarket shelves.

Farmers markets are the best places to find fresh fruits for your best and simple juicing recipes for all your fasting and feasting juicing needs!

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