So what is the best blender? Let's give it a whirl.

Lose weight effortlessly eating delicious food you can whip up in a flash. The first smart step is to own the best blender on the planet.

The best blender is definitely the Vitamix or the Blendtec. Why? It's because they are just great in pulverizing food from nuts, to grains to any fibrous foods out there. 

The Vitamix Turboblend is what have been whirling around here and it is awesome. 

The Vitamix Turboblend at work. It can pulverize hard fruits, nuts, fibrous vegetables and even when they're frozen.

Owning a good appliance is a must in the kitchen. It is really one of the big investment not only for the kitchen but for your health as well.

A high speed blender will inspire you to make sensational smoothies that will make deposits to your health by eating nutrient-dense food instead of making constant withdrawals eating bad processed food.

Imagine how much time and money you'll save by not going to doctor's appointments when you invest in your health by just making a breakfast green smoothies, amazing desserts and piping hot soups right in its pitcher.

Making smoothies is the best way to eat more fruits and vegetables. A big bowl of fruit and a bunch of leafy greens are impossible to ingest all at once. Make them into a smoothie and you'll have a nutritious meal in a glass.

The best blender is able to pulverize hard fruits, nuts and veggies plus make soups right in its pitcher. My Vitamix Turboblend can do all that.

Mind you, it can also make the best salad dressings in a jiffy. This appliance is a workhorse in the kitchen!

I'd like to think that I've got the best blender in town. I use it everyday!

Desserts like these are easily done in a high speed blender.

Raw Food All Fruit Pie
Avocado Mousse Pie
Fresh Cranberry Sauce
Undercover Kale Smoothie

Top Blenders on Amazon with amazing reviews:

  • The Vitamix Blender - This appliance has been a long time friend in the kitchen and it is very loyal. You put them to work any hour of the day and it gets the blending and shaking job done fast, easy and efficient. Who says it's hard to get good help these days?
  • The Blendtec - This machine can be a cousin to the Vita-Mix. They have the same smarts and work ethics possesing the same qualities. I'd put these two right on the spotlight as the best blenders.
  • The Ninja Blenders - The coolness is in the name. This kitchen appliance is a bit heavier but it can do a good job making smoothies, desserts and salad dressings as well.
  • The NutriBullet and Magic Bullet - These two come in personal sizes. They are smaller than other blenders so the price tag is smaller too. 
  • Ever hear of Yonana? This machine is a banana ice cream maker using just bananas as a single ingredient.

So which blender is right for you?

We know that heart disease, diabetes, obesity, diabesity and the ever dreaded cancer are all killers in today's society.

But we also know that these can all be avoided or controlled with a healthy lifestyle eating healthy food and regular exercise.

Making healthy meals is much easier when you own a great appliance like the powerful Blendtec machine and the amazing Vitamix. 

In today's busy lifestyle, we need a really nutritious meal that can be fixed in a flash. A delicious smoothie is done in 30 minutes flat in a powerful blender.  

With their powerful performance you can make amazing healthy desserts, piping hot soups, icy smoothies, pasta sauces, raw food entrees and healthy salad dressings - the possibilities are endless!

The Powerful Vitamix

The Mighty Blendtec 

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