Benefits of Lemon Juice - Fight the bug with a lemon.

The cold got you down in your boots? Unleash the benefits of lemon juice. 

Rake the benefits of lemon juice and try this lemon tea recipe for a soothing relief from the common cold.

benefits of lemon juiceLemon Honey Preserves for use in making tea to fight the common cold and the flu bug. It can be stored in the fridge for a few weeks.

Lemon juice is a cleanser. It cleanses your stomach and strengthens the immune system to fight the evil radicals trying to invade your body. 

Lemon juice benefits on the body ranges from relief from itchy throat, indigestion, rashes, and so on and so forth. Drinking lemon water every morning before eating food is extra beneficial for digestion.

Lemon juice is also a natural household cleaner as we know it. So... if it's good for cleaning the kitchen sink, it's also good for cleaning your body to get rid of all the gunk and toxins.

Lemon Juice cures vaginitis!

Gynecologists won't tell you that lemon juice destroys fungus and bacteria that cause odor and itching. True fact, the pharmacies won't rake in the profits if women start douching with a mix and lemon juice and water. It's free and you always have lemons handy at home!

Lemon is far more than using it for your fresh lemonade recipe. The acid in this citrus is alkalizing for the body to maintain its pH level. Plus it's loaded with Vitamin C too.

Lemon Tea recipe to chase that cold bug.

Lemon Water
  • fresh beautiful lemon cut in half
  • a piece of ginger grated or chopped or diced
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey

Heat up some water until it's warm but not boiling scalding your mouth that will defeat the whole purpose of feeling well. So, just warm the water to a comfortable temperature.

Grate the ginger right into the cup or mug. 

Pour the warm water into the grated ginger and squeeze the juice of half a lemon in. Stir in a tablespoon of raw honey to make it sweeter.

Sip slowly and chew on little bits of ginger that's in the tea. Ginger is great for heat in the winter time and it's also soothing for the stomach upsets. You can't lose with this stuff but gain!

It's very soothing on the throat and it's delicious Ever feel like your throat feels like sandpaper during the height of your flu and cold? This hot lemon tea is great for clearing nasal passages.

You know when you're not feeling well, you always want some thing soupy and hot right? Well, savor the benefits of lemon juice from juicing lemon right into your tea.

When you're having a bad cold, all you want is probably something hot and spicy. You can go for coffee in the morning but why not enjoy a cup of lemon tea that cleanses the body in a cellular level?

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