Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

Rake the health benefits of being a vegetarian and live like you really mean it.

For sure you've heard or read about the benefits of being a vegetarian. This lifestyle has so much more to offer other than just a skinny body or a slim figure.

Our main goal on becoming a vegetarian is to be able to live a healthier longer life with less or free from disease. If you live healthier, you will live longer.

All about health in a fortune cookieMessage from the Master: Fortune Cookie captions health and longevity after a big meal of Chinese food with an array of different vegetarian food choices.

Eat better food. Your body is the only one you've got!

Death will never forget us and none of us will live forever but wouldn't it be nice if we live to be a 100 and still able to happily take care of ourselves

Decades ago people eat differently when there were less chemically produced foods in our food system. Then things got terrible.

Just about anything we eat now is tainted with some form of chemical or preservative. Preserving food does not preserve us.

Most centenarians are careful about what they eat and most of them eat a plant based diet eating organic fruits and vegetables, wild caught fishes and home raised meat.

Longevity may be in the genes but for the most part, it is in the lifestyle you live, don't you think? Poor people like peasants from the old ages who ate simpler food than their master lived so much healthier and longer.

Eat like a worm!

An old person once said that death had forgotten him. When asked about his secret to longevity, he said he ate only organic fruits and vegetables and living a plant based lifestyle.

A worm does not like and will not eat a fruit or vegetable that's been sprayed with poison! Why would anybody want to eat a poisoned food?

Other known benefits of being a vegetarian besides being thin and skinny as observed for ages:

  • Simple food and simple meals are much easier to prepare and easier on the budget.
  • You don't contribute to animal cruelty and animal slaughter
  • You don't contribute to global warming by not supporting animal farming
  • Better immune system
  • You stay regular because of all the roughage in your diet
  • Better energy
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Less aches and pains because a plant based diet is anti-inflammatory
  • Your food is easy to digest
  • Softer and clearer skin
  • Normal blood pressure
  • Vegetarians are less likely to have high cholesterol levels
  • You'll live longer

In our modern society where your food is determined by a system, it's a little tricky to stay and become a vegetarian. All the food around you are meat based. It's almost like a conspiracy. It makes you think that it's a way to decrease or control the population.

But you can still practice a healthy eating lifestyle and become a conscious consumer. Eat consciously! 

On travel, it's much easier to eat healthier these days that there are vegetarian versions and vegan food out there. Vegan restaurants are popping up all over the place.

Remember, it's your health and longevity that's involved. Besides, whatever you put in your mouth becomes you. 

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