Beet Juice Recipe - A Godsend to those with hypertension.

Whether you are an athlete, an elderly or just an ordinary person, this beet juice recipe will benefit you.

This beet juice recipe contains the root (the beets) that is known as a blood builder and the vegetable that fights anemia. When beets are juiced with other vegetables, it's claimed to cleanse the liver so the body can heal.

Beets are also known to increase the blood flow to the brain, tissues and skeletal muscles keeping them functioning efficiently.

Beet Juice RecipeThis stuff has beet juice and some other fruits thrown in like Pomegranates and left over kitchen scraps like broccoli stalks. It's totally delicious.

Not only that this veggie makes you juice all pretty in red, it has a powerful antioxidant that cleanses the liver which is the largest organ of the body responsible in filtering everything you ingest.

Beet root boasts a beautiful blood-red crimson color which (if they can talk) tells you that it is a blood enhancer, liver cleanser, detoxifier and excellent for blood circulation.

Nature is brilliant in matching fruits and vegetable colors with what they're good for.

Studies show that drinking beet's juices increases blood flow and circulation in both elderly and healthy people. These roots are known to have nitrate content which increases physical performance specially in athletes.

There are different types of beets.

Beet root contains large amounts of iron and folic acid, which helps in improving the production of red blood cells. It's known to increase the level of hemoglobin in the body to improve the cells' nutrition with more oxygen.

Fruit and vegetable juice recipe using beets.

You are going to love the color and may not be able to stop juicing this root vegetable just for the looks of it.

Ingredients as you can see:

  • Watermelon with rinds
  • Beet root
  • Apple
  • pineapple slices
  • an inch of ginger

Run them through a juicer and drink your beet juice immediately.

The enzymes and phyto-nutrients are best when juices are consumed as soon as they're pressed.

Besides all the above raves, they are also high in Vitamin B1 and B2 as well as Vitamin C. It is a rich source of Betaine which is vital to cardio vascular health ( remember: it's a blood builder and purifier). 

The leaves contain lots of Vitamin A so don't throw out the leaves and just go for the root. The leaves can be your greens of choice. They have loads of 'good' in them. Saute them or juice them too!

The benefits of juicing beets is so worth it so it's best to consume these vegetables quite often and make your favorite beet juice recipe combination.

For sure, consuming this veggie often is so much better than taking those vitamin pills that are made in a laboratory. They're just gaggy and taste mediciney. 

Besides, everything you consume passes through the liver to get filtered, right? Yep, including those pills whether they're medicines of vitamin pills - they all pass through your poor liver.

Think about it.

So, do you want to cleanse and purify your liver for a change? Well then, scoot over to your farmer's market and get a bundle of beets. Consume them often!

Make this beet juice recipe with your own twist adding fruits and veggies of your choice. 

You may also like these fruits and vegetable juice other beet juice recipes. You can do so much with this red root. 

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