Banana Strawberry Dessert - Sweeten the season!

Here's what to do with fresh-picked strawberries: Make this amazing banana strawberry dessert for a change.

Would you like some banana strawberry dessert? No? Really? We'll get that temperature checked. 

Dessert with blended mango and banana in the center. Arrange sliced fresh berries around it and you have perfected a beautiful fruit dessert recipe.

BERRY GOOD eating is guaranteed when you add fresh strawberries to a meal! 

Berry Bits:

Although these fruits are available most of the year, succulent fresh strawberries are at their peak in May and June.

When planted in your fruit and vegetable garden, they usually come up year after year with proper care.

To keep berries fresh, you should not wash them until they are ready to use. Store in the refrigerator in a container with a dry paper towel on the bottom to soak up any juice.

Just before using, wash your strawberries gently with cool water. Allow them to reach room temperature before serving.

For an instant snack or dessert, serve fresh whole strawberries with a variety of dips, such as chocolate sauce.

Fresh picked strawberries from the backyard garden in Long Island New York.

Strawberries Nutritional Information:

Strawberries are good sources of Vitamin C, Folic acid, potassium and of course fiber. These fruit has low sugar content so they're a fruit of choice for diabetics when sugar is the enemy.

They are also fat-free of course plus very low in calories as well as sodium. We dare you to put them in your favorite fruit dessert recipe. They make a green and fruit salads absolutely beautiful and tasty.

Here's a video about picking these fruits in the garden and making a salad. Enjoy.

Although, these fruits are known to belong to the dirty dozen list. It's best to buy them organic. If you can't find them organic, just give them a bath in a mixture of baking soda and water to get rid of the pesticides and herbicides used to grow them.

If you have the means, just grow them yourself. They're very easy to grow. You'll get lots of organic berries upon harvest.

If you happen to plant strawberries in your backyard garden, you will yield lots of berries for sure. They can be frozen and can be put into smoothies and of course salads! They can be made into ice cream as well.

Smoothies are great with strawberries even with leafy greens. For salads, it's best to use the fresh ones.

Do you plan on going on a fruit diet? Count on this banana strawberry dessert every so often. These two fruits are an amazing match made in heaven.

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