Banana IceCream - a heart healthy dessert with just one pure natural ingredient.

Try this banana icecream soft serve. You'll never believe it's just one ingredient. It's quite possibly the perfect frozen fruit dessert.

Banana icecream with ingredients you can actually pronounce.

Here's my idea of a banana icecream. You can just call it banana cream softie or soft serve. We're okay with that. 

banana ice creamCreamy Soft Serve Banana Ice Cream right from the juicer. It's so creamy, you wouldn't know there's no moo juice in it.

Sorry. The ice cream truck does not carry pure 'banana icecream' softie. So why not make this incredible creamy fruit dessert without the cream?

You can make this using a masticating juicer!

Bananas are available year round and you can find them almost anywhere these days and that's very good! 

Bananas are rich in potassium, almost everyone knows that. If you are healthy enough, don't worry about going overboard with potassium. A healthy body takes only how much it needs and then expel the rest. So there you go. Go bananas!

If you put them in a smoothie you can consume more of them daily! Never cook your fruit specially this fruit. Well, unless it's the cooking type like plantains or saba banana. It's really sacrilege to cook fruits! Just eat them the way they are!

Cooking destroys the phychemicals and phytonutrients or micronutrients in the food. 

Here's a great recipe for bananas:

  • Peel
  • Eat
  • Done

The super simple banana ice cream recipe:

Ingredients: Ripe Frozen Bananas. Yeah. One ingredient. That's it!

Let's get to the scoop:

  • If you have a high speed blender, blend the frozen bananas until smooth. A Vitamix is perfect for this as it can virtually pulverize just about any fruit, nuts and veggies. You can also try a magic bullet.
  •  A masticating juicer was used to make this one ingredient ice cream. (Use the blank attachment and run it through.)

All other toppings are optional. If you want to complicate your life a bit, go ahead and get a little nutty with it. Add nuts or more fruits to it. I like mine, just bananas for a mono meal.

Better than ice cream. No ice, no cream, just frozen bananas. No one will ever know it's just bananas unless you tell them what's in it. Who needs the ice cream truck? This banana icecream is good enough. It's really, really good. It's a delicious heart healthy dessert!

Ripened bananas are perfect for freezing. 

Check out the health benefits of this fruit:

  • a heart healthy food
  • safe enough for babies' first solid food.
  • naturally cholesterol-free, sodium-free and fat-free
  • good source of potassium, manganese, fiber, loads of vitamins and even protein!

Bananas provide superb energy. With this fruit, you don't have to buy them organic. They are not in the dirty dozen list. 

But let's give this one ingredient ice cream a little twist. Let's put some cherries in it! Here's a video how to make this banana ice cream:

This soft banana ice cream sure beats the Mr. Softie. With just bananas, you can have your soft serve ice cream any day, any time and as often as you want without the guilt.

Bananas are quite possibly the world's perfect food. It's the original finger food. Lay off the chicken nuggets that put you on a slump. Grab a ripe banana instead for energy. Just peel it and eat it.

Make your bananas ripen to a stage where there are dark spots in them for better assimilation, absorption and digestion.

Then when you have them all ripened with dark spots in them, make this incredible banana icecream!

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