Asian Markets

Fruit Pile from the Asian Market

Fruit Pile from the Asian Market

I love the Asian markets near us. It maybe because of the fact that I am Asian. It's only logical to go there on a weekend for our food shopping deal.

It's winter and the snow hasn't melted yet. In fact, forecast predicts another 3 to 6 inches of storm and it's expected to fall in the next 8 hours. Yikes.

The icicles on the roof hasn't even melted yet. Big piles of snow are still on the ground. For sure it will be multiplied. We're only in the beginning of February here.

Snow doesn't stop us from careening through Asian markets. We love the Indian store as well as the Asian places. There are so many exotic fruits and veggies there.

They have an amazing selection of easy to peel oranges, persimmons, Asian pears, dragon fruits and the whole nine yards. This place also makes Kimchi right inside the store where you can taste samples of them.

Speaking of samples, if you go there on a Saturday, there are food samples being offered for tasting as you shop. I get my Udon noodles there.

They also have a wide variety of Asian groceries from Japanese food to Chinese, Korean food, Vietnamese and Filipino food. I'm just so happy to find this store. We don't have to go to Flushing New York to get the kind of food we want to buy.

The veteran bought some seafood. This vegetarian bought lots of fruits and green veggies. Not to mention some favorite Japanese Kochi.

Of course we bought some snacks for the road. So who says you can't eat different when you are are with a non-vegetarian?

Stay tuned for all my vegetarian challenges.

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