Are Iguanas vegetarian animals?

Lizards can be a pest in the garden munching on everything you grow. So this is the question: Are Iguanas vegetarian animals?

Seriously, are Iguanas vegetarian animals? They were caught in action many times eating garden veggies. 

vegetarian iguanasThis green Iguana did not want to move. He hangs around while I work in the garden. It's a baby one. The big one was caught eating the watermelon vines.

So what's up with these lizards? Are lizards vegetarians? 

These guys have been caught many times eating vegetables in the backyard garden. My kale patch got a beating from these Iguanas.

I sprinkled hot pepper flakes on the perimeters of the kale patch and around the garden but it didn't help. Then I switched to the hottest chili pepper powder available. That didn't help either.

I was thinking that when they come to eat my vegetables they'll get a sniff of the red hot chili pepper, get it into their nostrils and go running like mad sneezing away.

Nope. It didn't happen. The hot peppers just gave the kale a little spice and they feasted on them until they're gone. Yup, the whole kale patch was eaten by these lizards - all of it.

So are Iguanas vegetarian animals? I suppose so... 'cause you know, so far I haven't caught one eating another lizard. 

They prefer to eat leafy greens, shoots and flowers from bushes and trees. 

Here's a video of one of these lizards eating my watermelon plant.

After watching these lizards eat my watermelon plant, I had to make a conclusion that Iguanas are in fact vegetarians but not exactly. They're actually florivores. They like to include leaves and flowers from trees and bushes in their diet.

Green with envy? Don't be.

This guy is totally bright green in color so it must be ingesting a lot of chlorophyll. Go figure. Where else would it be getting that super bright green color? 

These type of lizards can be tamed when they're young and can be domesticated, you know, like the ones you see in movies wearing jewels around their necks. They can be trained to sit in a comfy little chair and be photographed.

I suppose they bribe them with green veggies and flowers for a nice photo shoot and say: Hey Iggy, it's time for a selfie... don't move now!

The green one definitely ate all my kale. But as for the brown bumpy ones, I really haven't caught one eating my plants, yet. So I cannot make a conclusion at this time that all of them are vegetarians or florivores. They must eat bugs too somehow.

At first I thought that they could be omnivores just like the rest of the world. They could be eating organic frog legs for dinner for all I know. They probably like crunchy insects as well.

The green variety definitely snacks on leafy greens and have been spotted doing that many times in the garden. You take picture and sometimes it don't move like they're posing for a selfie for you. They're not camera shy at all.

So are lizards vegetarians? Yes and no. They are florivore creatures that prefer to eat flowers and green leaves from trees and bushes. 

Yup, and some bugs too!

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