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It's all about juicing to the rhythm of the seasons. When things get real in Spooktober, you can be ghoulish or ghastly with your juice. 

Learn all about juicing for survival when things get really hectic. When Halloween returns, be fantastical and fun. It's your chance to be anyone you want to be.  Be the witch who's brewing specialty lies on healthy juices. Be scandalous. Be sassy. Drink healthy and responsibly. 

Parking is reserved for the witches only. Grab your broom, err... your juicer and let's brew some spooky-licious beverage!

all about juicingSpooky-licious Goblin Juice for Halloween. Get dressed up in a witch outfit and brew this tasty green juice concoction.

Hallow's eve is back and the boils and ghouls are in town. You better get your juicer and make some spookylicious drinks!

When Hallow's eve returns, you're trapped with lots of temptations drinking some terrifying drinks and unreal foods loaded with preservatives and sugars.

Eating Trick or Treated candies is okay once a year. No problem. You can just flush all that sugar out with a glass of green mean juice infused with natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables. 

All witches are invited to the Brew Party.

Party on with the Boils and Ghouls and serve some healthy spooky juices and nutritious smoothies. They too are in dire need to go on some juicing diets. A Halloween juice recipe can either be bloody red with beet juice or a simple green mean juice.  

A simple green juice can be made with:

  • green apple
  • a bunch of kale or any green leafy vegetable of your choice. (A bunch of spinach is ideal because they're usually milder than kale for the night creatures of the party who haven't tried green juice yet.)
  • a piece of ginger
  • a piece of lemon or lime 
  • a couple stalks of celery 
  • a cucumber

Pour it in a spooky glass and you're set to screech into the night and dash into the moonlight with blasting energy. 

It's better to drink the real stuff than those nightmare drinks sold everywhere this time of year. You don't know what chemicals are lurking in those tinted festive drinks.

Beware of the horror of bottled drinks and mixes, Be very afraid. Read the labels. There are plenty of additives and preservatives plus toxic food coloring in those things. 

Nobody knows what the food industry puts in your food anymore these days. The best thing to do is learn more about juicing and eat more raw food comprise of fruits and vegetables to flush out all the toxins from the body accumulated from eating all the rubbish.

Be ghoulish. Be sassy. But whatever you brew, make it green and healthy!

Cheers and happy spooking!

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