All About Coconuts - Go nutty with them!

This is all about coconuts. Let's go ape about them and discover how you can live off the grid with this tree where they are abundant.

As a native of the Philippines, I know all about coconuts. I grew up eating and cooking with coconut milk and Filipino desserts fried or infused in virgin coconut oil. You name it, I ate it. Organic coconut milk is embedded in my veins!

all about coconutsCoconut Trees grown in a tropical climate. This photo was taken right on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Lauderdale by the Sea. They grow wild here in South Florida as well.

I drank gallons of organic coconut water as a kid. I saw lots of people did it too. But guess what? I never saw anyone got fat or sick from this eating lifestyle!

We'll talk all about coconuts and all the wonderful things that can be made from them. So, here we go:

  • Organic coconut water - mother nature's sport's beverage
  • Making Coconut milk  for cooking all sorts of food including desserts
  • Making coconut oil right from the milk you produce from the meat
  • They make shampoo out of this fruit nuts
  • Fermented Drink - also known as Tuba similar to beer
  • Vinegar - made from Tuba (the beer)
  • The heart of the tree is also called 'Ubod' which is used as a vegetable.
  • Soap - they produce soap from them
  • The tree itself are used as lumber for building houses.
  • Leaves are used for making roofs for a hut
  • Husks of the fruit are used to polish floors and for crafts
  • Shells are used for many different and coolest crafts

and so many others. This list goes on.

Basically, the whole plant is useful. If you visit the Philippines you'll see lots of arts and crafts made from them. It's vegetarian food heaven with lots of food with coconut milk in them.

Trust me, they can cook up a storm with it as their numero uno ingredient!

Watch the video just above. Comment, give it a thumbs up and share or play it forward to friends who might be interested.

Coconut Tree growing in the farm by the rice field, Bicol Region PhilippinesCoconut Tree growing in the farm by the rice field, Bicol Region, Camarines Sur Naga Philippines.

Let's start off with the organic coconut water. This liquid can be fermented and be made as Tuba which can make you drunk like beer but it has more nutrients.

Note: Tuba can make you drunk only if you drink too much of it. Otherwise, it's a tasty natural beverage.

When the Tuba is fermented more, it turns into cooking vinegar which is so tasty with just about anything. 

Then we have the organic coconut milk. Most of us are familiar with that stuff already. You can cook with this from main meals to dessert. It can also be used as skin hydrator or softener and hair conditioner.

As with making virgin coconut oil, you gotta see the natives make it. It starts with grating the meat, press the milk from it, simmer that in a wok until the liquid is absorbed and oil is formed.

Soap manufacturers like to get a hold of them too. Soap is made from dried coconut meat. The old fashioned processing is drying the meat in the sun for days!

The leaves and the husks are used to make all kinds of household items or arts and crafts. Check out this spoon made from its shell. How nutty crafty can you get, huh? 

Yep, check out the spoon, yo! Ain't it cool?

all about coconutsCoconut rice. This is made with 3 grain rice: brown rice, sweet rice, and jasmine rice with some black beans. It's cooked in coconut milk, salt and water.

Wanna see more exotic food cooked with coconut milk? Check out some delicious Filipino dishes that were made vegetarian friendly here.

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