Alicia Silverstone - more veggie info on her.

by Just another veggie

Alicia Silverstone - Vegan

Alicia Silverstone - Vegan

Alicia Silverstone is one of my favorite vegetarians in modern times. Why is she my favorite? First she is a mother and she loves animals. It must be a mother instinct.

When I first saw her in her movie "Clueless", she was just so pretty and cute. Later I got to find out that she is a vegan.

She is noted as the author of the book called "The Kind Diet." The recipes in that book are all vegan and vegetarian substitutes for animal ingredients. I bet she's also active with PETA.

Of course being a vegetarian, you gotta love animals. She is a vegan and she loves animals. Though sometimes, there are vegetarians who practice the lifestyle for health rather than for animals. Alicia is for both.

If you saw her movie 'Clueless' she's a clothes fanatic there. She had to pick what to wear from a pile of clothes on the floor. But that's only in her movie. Do you think that's really her for real? No.

Now she says: Clothes make her dizzy. LOL. I'm with her. She's just so cute.

She's a vegetarian, even vegan.
She's an animal lover.
She's an actress.
She's a writer as well.
She's a Kind Mama.

I nominate her as one of the hottest vegetarian in modern times.

Credit to Wikipedia for the Public Domain photo attached.

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Dec 15, 2014
I agree with you on Alicia Silverstone
by: Anonymous

She is indeed the Kind Mama. I haven't bought her 'The Kind Diet' book but I'm sure it's excellent with all the vegetarian recipes there.

Yeah. The 'Clueless' movie was cool. She was so pretty and innocent in that movie. I remember the outfits she wore in that movie was just as pretty as her.

There are so many hot vegetarians out there. There a lot of Hollywood movie stars that are picking up with the healthy trend. Wait, it's not actually need to be called a trend, rather it's to be called a healthy lifestyle.

Reversing diabetes, a heart disease, losing weight is a healthy lifestyle. Most of the diseases known to man can be reversed through a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet.

You know, if you read the bylines these days, they're blaming the burgers for the epidemic obesity. Obesity leads to diseases.

We can control obesity through a vegan and vegetarian diet. We don't need to look like those skinny Hollywood superstars. We just need to be healthy. Healthy is the new skinny.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is the key. We'll save the animals and the planet.

Go vegetarian or vegan and live in the body that you always wanted!

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