All About ME. 

About me is a book in itself so here's a brief synopsis of me, the author of

I'm just me, a plain ordinary me.

My name is Pura. You may call me the Queen of Greens. I love my vegetables. I am Filipino in origin. I lived in New York for 33 years and relocated to South Florida recently. I am happily married and I have 2 children who are both serving in the U.S. military. I am a wife. A mother. A grandmother. A friend. A nature lover. Nothing special about myself.

I was educated in the Philippines holding a (BSC) Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree and I majored in Management. I have certifications in Graphic Arts and Computer Nerding. I'm passionate about me continuing studies in health and nutrition which I find so much more interesting than the diploma and certifications I've gotten. I have found my niche after all these years. 

Living healthy is my passion. So, I'm writing about it, living it and loving it. 

I made this website to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle by eating a nutrient dense vegetarian vegan diet high in raw fruits and vegetables. Because... for real, it is simply the best diet on Earth. I don't know about you, but it's 'about time' to get back to feeling incredible these days.

As a Filipino, I was used to eating a diet that consist primarily of rice dishes, vegetables and fish - 3 main course a day. The Philippines is an archipelago - it is comprised of 1,100 islands surrounded by water, to which therefore our diet is rich in seafood everyday of the week.

I was raised in a diet rich in vegetables, cooked mostly in coconut milk right off the tree in the Bicol region of the Philippine Islands. Meat was never my thing even though roast pigs were a delicacy. We flavored our vegetables with meat whereas, here in the U.S., we flavor our meat with vegetables. I was fine then, until I started eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). Trouble started. 

Prior to changing my diet back, I suffered a lot of unnecessary ailments caused by the SAD I was eating, high in meat products and mostly processed food that came from boxes and bottles. I had accelerated hair loss. I suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), swollen joints and arthritic feet that no doctors can pinpoint what exactly was wrong with me.

It was pointless discussing about me and my health problems. I grew tired of doctor's appointments & their prescriptions that did nothing for me other than made me dizzy, nauseas, tired, achy and broke. I self-diagnosed my own symptoms as 'general crappiness' that I have to go through day by day. But then I thought, I don't need to accept that for life.

I thought about me, myself and I, my diet and that my health is important. So I decided to go against the food system and changed my eating lifestyle back to eating real food after reading books such as: The China Study, The 80-10-10 Diet, Eat to Live, Super Immunity and etc.

I've watched numerous documentaries such as: Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Forks Over knives, The Gerson Miracle, Dying to Have Known, Food Inc, Vegucated, Food Matters, Hungry for Change, The Future of Food, Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World, Earthlings... and so many others.

From that point on, I started thinking seriously about me and my health. I started juicing and quit my morning coffee almost instantly. I started eating mainly fruits I care for (all I can eat) until I'm fully satiated. Eating a mono-meal is best for digestion according to the 80-10-10 book. And so I'm hooked on fruits. Lots of it.

Juicing is a good part of my lifestyle. I stopped hair loss with juicing. Making juice is my morning routine everyday. When I can't drink it, I feel that 'general crappiness' coming on, fast. So I juice. I blend. I drink it. I juice again and I eat food high in micronutrients. 

I am powered by fruits and veggies. I am a nutritarian. I am a frugivore, a fruit lover. I eat primarily fruits. I don't like to label my eating lifestyle as vegan, vegetarian or whatever. I can't call myself a vegan because on occasion, I can't say NO to a dozen oysters! 

I'm a practical herbivore. In other words, I eat clean fish on occasion, while on travel with family when there's nothing else on the menu, then I'm a full pledged vegetarian when at home. 

It's a mean jungle out there, if you know what I mean. So, I just eat clean real food as nature presented them. I eat food that are packaged by nature and not by the industry.  

Thank you for reading about me.

Yours truly,

~ Pura ~

Writer, editor, photographer and recipe developer for digital cafe.


I am not in any way a medical or nutrition expert, but I've been a 'health nut' all my life (what else kind of nut would ya' wanna be?). So please don't ask me any medical advice about certain medical condition & what food is good for it...

I just enjoy making and eating REAL food. I have researched, made, cooked, eaten, tried, tested and tasted many, many vegetarian recipes which I know they're good for the human body. I have made and drank tanks and gallons of fresh juices and smoothies for quite a few years!

... and pretty please... before you contact me for questions, the answers may already have been written somewhere here. So please do a SEARCH on this site first.

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