Vegetarian Colombian Food Choices

You'll go bonkers on vegetarian Colombian food choices when you eat at a Colombian restaurant. I did.

If you love Spanish Arepa, it's on the menu. Vegetarian Colombian food choices are varied from meat based to pure no-meat watercress salad with fried platanitos on the side! It's your choice whether you want green or ripe sweet plantain with yours.

Colombian Ripe Plantain with CheeseBaked sweet ripe platanitos or plantain with melted Colombian Cheese. These could pass for a simple yet satisfying dessert.

Deciding where to eat in Queens New York, my daughter-in-law who is Colombian suggested that we eat at her favorite ethnic restaurant, and I'm glad she did. That's when I had the best watercress salad prepared to perfection with amazing lime dressing!

Spanish food is similar to Filipino dishes because the Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards in the 1800's. We have the camarones rebozados fritos, camarones rebozados con coco meaning some sort of shrimp dishes with coconut milk and a whole bunch of other tasty stuff. Do you like ceviche? Yep, they have that too!

Rice dominates their diet as well just like the Filipinos. You'll love Spanish vegetarian food. Knock yourself out choosing what suits you!

The watercress salad served was gigantic with lots of avocado chunks, sweet Spanish onions, tomatoes and mixed with really tasty dressing prepared just right for my palate. The best part about it was the price. It was super duper cheap!

Colombian Watercress SaladA huge plate of watercress salad served as a meal in itself with fried green bananas at a Colombian restaurant in Queens, New York.

There's an option whether you wanted shrimp on it or none. They gave me some fried green bananas on the side. There's that ever simple and delicious Spanish Arepa, a dough based few ingredient flat bread. Those are so good.

I could eat them 'as is' with nothing smothered on it like cheese or butter. Nope, none of that gunk, just Colombian Arepa and I'm good.

From that point on, it gave me an urge to get a fabulous Arepa Maker to make my very own.

One great thing about ethnic food is the simplicity. If it's rice it will be just rice  with a few fragrant and tasty spices mixed in. The annato seeds seasoning is responsible for that beautiful yellow rice and beans.

I thought there would be no vegetarian choices for me by just looking at the menu outside the door.  But I was mistaken. Never judge the door. There was the Arepa, watercress salad, fried plantains either ripe or green plantains, your choice! There was also steamed rice and coconut rice!

Over all, it was another fine dining experience at an authentic restaurant eating ethnic food. I had a fun experience going through different vegetarian Colombian food choices.

Colombian Arepas come in different flavors or varieties. I like the one with the cheese, you know, the Queso baby! But they can get expensive. You better off making your own using this favorite Arepa Maker.

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