Occasional Vegetarian - A step up to eating healthier.

Give yourself a pat on the back for being an occasional vegetarian. It's better than being an angry vegan eating processed food. 

Would you rather be a nice occasional vegetarian or an angry vegan who eats vegan processed food? The world is just filled with noise about vegan vs carnivores, vegan vs vegetarian and vice versa. Turn the noise off please. You're scaring them!

This vegetarian sushi has no fish in it, just vegetables. Nori is seaweed (plants) but have been cross-contaminated with fishes in the ocean, just to make a silly point. Is it considered vegan?

Everything is controversial these days. Everyone is trying to make a point and it confuses people. Eating industrialized food is what we should be concerned about. 

We all know that eating processed food is detrimental to your health. Guess what? Vegan food manufacturers sneak in so much chemicals in their food that it doesn't matter anymore if it's vegan or not. It's just not healthy for you!

I would rather be an occasional vegetarian in the world of carnivores so long as my food is not too processed and at least clean enough for human consumption. That means eating whole foods that are not packaged by the industry but packaged by nature. 

Occasionally, I'd eat a wild yellow tail snapper at a fish fry when the boys go fishing in Florida Keys. It's better than eating a veggie burger with mocked meat containing processed vegetable protein! 

I can't be worrying about cross contamination in food either. Ordering a portabello mushroom burger from a joint that cooks them in the same grill that non-vegan burgers are cooked in is the least of my problems. We should worry more about chemicals in vegan processed food.

My thought is, my knees will be shaking from hunger before I can have my lunch trying to be completely vegan by the book. That's just not living happy and healthy anymore. 

When you go on vacation, your goal is to get away from it all. I enjoy my days eating vacation food consciously with no obvious animal food of course. I eat my meals according to my situation.

Try demanding a vegan meal on an airplane when you're flying for 16 hours before you get to your destination. Unless you bring your own vegetarian vegan food, you're out of luck.

The meals they serve on the plane are terrible. 

So there is nothing wrong with being vegetarian occasionally and not completely veggie. It's a big step up to becoming a vegetarian and possibly a nice vegan.

It's a huge break from eating so much industrial food coming from a can, boxes and not to mention farmed animal flesh. 

When you fill up on vegetables and fruits you are eating a low calorie vegetarian diet that's healthier than the artery clogging meat based meals. 

So be an occasional vegetarian! You're still helping to save the animals one occasion at a time. Consider yourself a veggie in the making. Congrats!

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