Japanese Mochi - A favorite traditional Japanese rice dessert.

You know about sushi being a traditional Japanese food. But how about the Japanese mochi? Mochi is a delicious vegetarian dessert you can count on.

Japanese Mochi is one of my favorite authentic Japanese vegetarian dessert that totally agrees with me. Given that it's made with rice, it's really my all time choice of vegetarian dessert while in Japan. Being Asian, rice is in my DNA.

Japanese MochiJapanese Mochi bought and eaten in Tokyo. The leaves that they're wrapped in are also completely edible including the Cherry Blossoms on top.

So what is Mochi?

Mochi is made with sticky rice and it has a simple filling of sweet beans. Could be that there are different types of Mochi but the one I've eaten over and over again was filled with sweet beans. They come in pretty colors including green which has green tea in them.

I just love the marriage of sweet beans and the stickiness of the Japanese rice made into a simple just-right sweetness in a dessert. It's simple yet delicious.

I couldn't get enough of this stuff. I have traveled to Tokyo before and I brought a whole bunch of Mochi to the United States. I gave them as gifts and I kept a lot for myself. 

I've repeated the whole scenario with gusto and will buy them over and over again anytime I see them at the Asian markets here in the states. It's a complete snack and a dessert all in one. In Japan they make them so very pretty to devour!

Japanese DessertMochi with Sakura Flowers. Too pretty to eat.

Forget the baked goods displayed in supermarkets there. You can get that anywhere there's a bakery around. Just give the baker some flour and you'll get the pastries of all kinds.

Baking is their specialty.

But with Mochi, it's a different kind of special. I mean, just look at them. They're even wrapped in leaves and if you look closely, you'll see Cherry blossoms on top which are also very edible.

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom when we got to Tokyo after a tiring 19 hour flight from Miami International Airport. After a day of rest in Yokosuka we scurried to Ueno Park where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom falling like snow on the ground. We timed our trip so perfectly right.

There were so much food being cooked on the grill right at the park for purchase. There were for sure, some amazing vegetarian Japanese food choices including roasted corn on the cob and the whole nine yards.

And of course, as with any Asian country, you'll see a lot of fish being cooked and barbecued there. So if you are a pescetarian, you've found the right place to park yourself for a while. 

There were so much food to choose from at the park but one of them was the Japanese mochi, my favorite Japanese rice dessert. They even had them on sticks.

Incredibly tasty.

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