Italian Salad Recipe - Bring out the Olives!

There's the real Italians and those who wanna be one, so they say. What's the big deal anyways? Nothing! Except of course when it comes to a great Italian salad recipe you can brag about.

The secret to an Italian Salad Recipe is no secret at all. It's in the olives! Lots of it!

Pick your favorite from this display of mouth watering Italian Olives.

I'm Italian by injection. Let me spill the beans.

I'm 100% Filipino by blood. I'm married to an Italian family. So that makes me an Italian by injection.

My husband is actually half blooded Italian. He's good to honor the other race that runs through his blood stream. You can't forget the race that comprise who you really are.

That makes my kids mutts - beautiful mutts!

It's been said that 20 years from now, the face of an American will be universal. It will be the face of every country in the world put together. That's what makes America so great and powerful. 

Just don't forget your roots that brought you into this world. If you're not 100% anything and a hater, you're like half curdled milk and half sour cream with an attitude. You're a hybrid. You're not certified organic. You can't forget your Mom or Dad who's not Italian just because half of you is. 

Make some half Italian and half Puerto Rican salad for all we care. It's all good. How about some Indian Chinese Italian pizza like they served us in Yokohama?  Just make it a vegetarian pizza, I'd eat it.

The world is not flat. It's round. We can't be racists. Don't be egocentric or should we say: egotistic?

The unbiased Italian Salad 

This can pass as an Italian Salad. With the stuffed grape leaves thrown in, it's 'Oh my goodness'! Throw in some Feta cheese and call it something like half Greek and half Italian. Whatever.

We can't eat our salads without a bunch of olives! We eat them like candies.

We get ours at a local farmers market that's only open on weekends. They sell these by the barrels, possibly a hundred barrels of so many different types.

For a great salad dressing recipe, it's a must to have the best Olive oil. We get ours from the same farmers market where you pick your own bottle and they fill it up for you.

You choose your flavor. 

We reap the benefits of the raw food diet from eating lots of salads. Make your favorite salad with tons of olives, pour in a favorite Italian dressing and share it with non-Italian friends.

Be friendly.

I'm not into pasta that much. I'm Asian. I eat rice a lot but I'm not biased. I make my favorite pasta con broccoli every so often.

Be a lover, not a hater.

Just like vegans, vegan wannabes are mean. Real vegans and vegetarians are cooler. So as real 100% hot blooded Italians, they're actually cooler than the wannabes when it comes to food.

Stay creative. Vegan bratwurst on pasta? That's not authentic but I bet it'll taste good. No, I'm not pushing it.

Go and make this Italian Salad Recipe already and get the benefits of a raw food diet!

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