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Healthy eBites - It's the Dog Days of Summer!
August 02, 2017
Hello Health Warrior!

Happy Dog Days of Summer!

Greetings from! This is Pura, how are you doing?

Since moved from New York to exotic South Florida where it's practically summer everyday, we are having a blast with different fruits while others have their shot of Cuban coffee for their perfect morning picker-upper!

Summer is hotter than a hot tamale here in South Florida so I promise I'm just gonna keep this newsletter short and sweet. It's the dog days of summer and we are in the 90s everyday since April. Well, except when it rains.

Speaking of 'dog days of summer', I'm just here sitting in front of my computer with my new dog. His name is Mac. He is a Miniature Pinscher and he is my absolute walking buddy. Pretty soon I will be creating doggie cookies recipes that are good for both humans and Fido. Can't wait.

Watch out for those doggie cookies recipes because even you might want to nibble on them as well.

Life gets in the way most of the time with sending out yummy newsletters. But in a way, it's good because I never ever want to clutter anyone's mailbox! My dog Mac keeps me busy as well and it's good.

But remember when I sent a newsletter about the Papayas we grow here in South Florida? Well, the trees are towering over the roof of our house now and we can't get any of them unless we climb up the tree!

Some of these papaya trees are leaning sideways because there are so much fruits that weigh a lot. We have to tie them up to something so they don't fall down.

Mind you, with just rain and no wind, some of them fell down. But that's fine. We have so much of them.

Did you know? Dogs can eat papayas too! Mac loves sweet ripe papayas. Though, he won't eat it unless I give it to him. Silly dog. I have videos of Mac eating papayas as well.

Also, if you check on the website, I have a recipe for cooking green papayas like these:

Thank you for reading. Until next time and maybe we talk about mangoes and how to make an amazing mango ice cream! Mangoes are in season here as well.

pura at

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