Filipino Vegetarian Dessert - Whole Foods can't get any better than this!

If you're looking for a Filipino vegetarian dessert, 'Biko' is a good recommendation. Sticky, sweet and just so homey!

Biko is a native Filipino vegetarian dessert that's sweet, sticky and finger-licking good. It's made with glutinous rice with coconut milk, sugar cane sugar and baked to perfection.

Filipino BikoBaked Filipino Biko, a native Filipino rice dessert made of sticky glutenous rice, coconut milk and ultra sweet sugar cane sugar.

Growing up in Bicol, a region in the Philippines where there are lots of coconut trees and massive rice fields, Biko is most commonly served in Fiesta's and special occasions.

The way my Mom would cook the rice was on top of coals of fire with the right amount of water and simmered it until all water is absorbed. The sticky rice is then ready to assemble into Biko right into the wok or kawali.

The way she made it was straight from everything fresh. The coconut was freshly grated, squeezed out the milk and set aside. She then put the coconut milk in a wok and drop a block of sugar cane sugar stirring it until the sugar was all melted.

She then scooped out the cooked rice from the pot and put it into the coconut mixture and stirred it until all liquid was absorbed.

No, she did not have a luxury of an oven or a Vitamix high speed blender. She grated the coconut milk by hand and used a wok or kawali to cook it. She made this vegetarian dessert in every festive event.

If you are a Filipino descent, maybe your Mom or Dad is Pinoy, you may have loved to eat Biko and crave it.

This Filipino vegetarian dessert is filling and it's great to bring on picnics, potlucks or any gatherings with friends. This humble Filipino food tends to stand out and disappears FAST.

Here's a Filipino Biko recipe.

So with the luxury of an oven, rice cooker and a Vitamix blender that my Mom didn't have (read below), we don't need to grate the coconuts. 

Biko, a Filipino Vegetarian Dessert
  • 2 cups of coconut milk from 1 grated coconut
  • 1 cup of glutenous rice or sticky rice
  • 1 tsp Anise (fennel) seeds
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 small block of sugar cane sugar

Cook the sticky rice in a rice cooker until done.

While the rice is cooking: Crack the coconut open. Pry the meat with a dull knife and put it into your high speed blender. Give it a whirl and it should be all grated.

Squeeze the milk out and strain it with a fine mesh colander or cheese cloth. Set aside.

Take the wok and put the coconut milk in and drop the block of sugar cane sugar in it. Let it boil until the sugar is melted. Add the cinnamon and fennel seeds.

Once the sugar is melted, scoop the cooked rice in to it and stir it a bit just to mix the coconut mixture into the rice.

Pour it into a rectangular baking pan and do a quick bake in a 375 degree oven until it's all set into the pan and the top is golden brown but not crusty.

Cool it for a bit and slice into square if desired. Enjoy.

Note: Some folks like to put caramel sauce on top of it. Spoil yourself but make it vegan. Simply take some coconut milk, melt some sugar cane sugar into it and stir until it thickens. You can even put a teaspoon of flour in it and stir to speed up the thickening process. Pour it on top of your Biko. Yum!

This stuff is crazy delicious and sweet with all the wholesome goodness. Rice is a whole food so that's important. Whole foods are always the best for your body.

This Filipino healthy dessert might just sweetly stick with you and crave it over and over again!

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