Filipino Street Food - Gotta have them.

A must try Filipino street food when traveling to the Philippines. You'll be missing something awesome if you don't.

What's your favorite Filipino street food? There are just too many to list. But we will focus on healthy vegetarian street food here. 

Filipino street foodCaramelized bananas made with the Filipino Saba bananas. This one is made with plantain that's available here in the U.S.

Banana cue is one of the ever popular street food in the Philippines. 

Usually Filipinos make this using bananas that are native to the Philippines called: Saging or Saba.

Saba bananas are usually rounded and different than the popular bananas here in the US. Saba is like a fat and short banana but they are much firmer, sweet and delicious.

These Saba bananas or saging are usually peeled, deep-fried in a huge Wok or Kawali in Filipino and coated with caramelized sugarcane sugar.

Saba bananas can be eaten when ripe just like any other banana as they are just as sweet. Unripe ones can be cooked as well using other banana recipes.

Another favorite Pinoy street food is the Kamote Cue. Kamote is the Filipino name for sweet potato. This one is also coated with caramelized goodness that will make you go weak in the knees.

Filipino Street FoodKamote or Camote Cue is a kabob of caramelized sweet potato. This is just another street food you'll see selling and cooking right in the street markets in the Philippines.
When roaming around the street markets in the Philippines, you'll see a lot of Filipino Kawali cooking away with something delicious.

But of course there are a lot of other foods ranging from "Balut" which is boiled eggs with embryo in it, even grilled chicken feet, to pigs roasting in an open pit which are a vegan's nightmare.

There are too many Filipino street foods to list. You can find roasted peanuts, sliced semi-ripe mangoes, puto rice cakes, corn on the cob, sweet rice desserts and so many others. They are usually displayed in a Filipino wicker tray called "Nigo". But this Round Wicker Tray something close to it if you are looking for one.

If you are in the Philippines you'll see so many vegetarian food as well plus lots and lots of exotic fruits you'll never find anywhere else in the world. You will not starve if you are a vegetarian traveler.

Don't pass up the Pinoy street foods. They are usually healthy with whole foods ingredients and really delicious. Lots of these foods are cooked naturally and non GMO because Monsanto has not gotten into them just yet! Well, maybe.

If you eat seafood, you'll see all types of fishes in the Philippines. The country is an archipelago surrounded by water and Filipino people by nature are seafood lovers.

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