Filipino Dessert Recipe - Espasol or 'Hinagum' from the province of Bicol, Philippines.

This healthy Filipino dessert recipe is exclusive in the Philippines where rice harvests are abundant. 

You know about this Filipino dessert recipe for Hinagum if you are a Bicolano like I am. This is made of roasted rice fresh harvested from the farm. This resembles a brownie but in a very healthy version.

Filipino Roasted Rice CakeFilipino Dessert Recipe - Hinagum or Roasted Rice Cake recipe. It's similar to another rice cake dessert called 'Espasol'. This one has some chocolate added.

Let's make this Espasol recipe straight up. Bear with me and I'll explain it from start to finish. It's a long process as the rice is harvested from the farm when the husks are just about yellow green. Farmers say it's in its best stage for roasting as it comes out perfect.

After roasting the rice with the husk on, they're hulled so you get the grains clean without the husks. After they're hulled, the grains are roasted again in a big wok also called 'kawali'.

I'm tellin' you, when roasting the rice, the aroma smells similar to roasted cocoa. This roasted grains are then called 'pinipig'.

Rice Field in Naga City Philippines
Harvested Rice for Hinagum

After the second roast, they are milled into rice flour. But I thought to myself, I could've just put them in my food processor of my high speed blender and get the same result plus it would've been easier.

The native Filipinos had it milled at a local market which was a long process. I enjoyed watching it all though. It's a reminiscence of my childhood.

The roasted rice flour is cooked in coconut milk with melted sugar cane sugar and cinnamon so let's take it from here:

Oh, the adventure in making this rice cake dessert! Watch this short video making this Filipino rice dessert recipe!

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Do you prefer to read this Filipino dessert recipe? Here's the written version: 

The Hinagum recipe:

  • Roasted Rice flour - milled from the grains that were harvested straight from the rice field.
  • 2 cups fresh coconut milk - please see how to make coconut milk
  • 1 small block of sugar cane sugar or about a cup of some healthy natural sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • some grated coconut for rolling them in
  • Some chocolate chips if you want

Let's make this healthy Filipino dessert recipe called Espasol. It's downright healthier than the ordinary pastry.

on the double because I'm really carving it:

Put the coconut milk in a wok or deep heavy pan and make sure the block of sugar cane sugar is melted and it's in a rolling boil.

Put some cinnamon in it

Add the roasted rice flour and keep stirring until all the liquid is absorbed. This shouldn't take long as the flour has been already cooked by roasting them twice. Remove from heat.

Add some hot water if necessary if you feel that the consistency of the cake is a little dry.

From this point you can form then into a ball and roll each on  some grated coconut.

For a chocolatey twist, I put some chocolate chips inside the rice balls.

Pop 'em in your mouth and enjoy with gusto.

This Filipino dessert recipe is special. Why? Because it's not available countrywide over there. If you ever visit the province of Bicol in the Philippines where rice are produced abundantly, there is no doubt that you will come across this type of vegetarian rice cake dessert. By all means, try it and you will never be disappointed.

This Filipino snack is for sure better than brownies, in fact, they're way so much healthier! Who can resist the smell of roasted rice harvested fresh from the rice field? For sure you can't get any fresher than that! 

Make this Filipino dessert recipe was real fun sending me to my childhood memories.

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