Filipino Halo Halo - a dessert obsession and simply addicting!

Have you ever tried the Filipino Halo-Halo? No? This Filipino dessert is like a party in your mouth. But who would put beans in their dessert?

This is the Filipino Halo-Halo. Go get some. You need this in your short natural life.

Pinoy Halo-Halo recipeThis is Buko (Young Coconut) and Halo-Halo. They're perfect together! This vegetarian Filipino dessert is the bomb! You need this in your life!

Leave it to the Filipinos, they love their sweets too. This Filipino Halo-Halo is just what you need to keep full, cool and hydrated when you are in a hot climate or in a hot torrid zone like the Philippines.

Besides the fresh coconut water that's widely available there, you can settle in a shack or nook over there and order a Halo-Halo for a snack.

This stuff is heavens. You are gonna want seconds!

Yes. Sweet candied beans are in this Filipino halo-halo so get a long spoon and dig in because they're right there at the bottom! This is a sweet and filling snack that can pass for a meal in itself.

The word 'Halo' is a Filipino word that means 'mix'. It's usually made of mixed fruits like jackfruit or mango, candied beans, young coconut meat (buko), roasted rice and some sweet plantain topped with purple yam ice cream melting and oozing with perfect yumminess! 

So let's do some mixing here. Feel free to put all the good stuff you want in it. Let's make some authentic Filipino Halo-Halo.

Being a Filipino American, I really miss this stuff. Lucky for me, there are Pinoy stores in the area. So I just have to make my version with my choice of fruits and my choice of mix.

  • Sago pearls (can be found in most Asian markets)
  • Buko or young coconut meat shredded
  • Fresh Coconut Water
  • Purple Yam Ice Cream
  • Shaved Ice
  • Almond Nut Milk
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Mixed chopped fruits
  • Chunks of sweet yams
  • Caramelized sweet beans

You can buy the sweet beans that comes in a jar or you can make it yourself. Make yours by boiling some red beans in a pan with some grated ginger, cinnamon and brown sugar until caramelized. Set aside to cool. 

Get a nice tall glass and put some chopped fruits, chunks of sweet potatoes or anything sweet that you might have in the fridge (left-overs will work). Halo-Halo means 'mixed'. So start mixing all the good stuff in it! You can also layer them to look great or you can just randomly mix them.

This one had fresh young coconut meat that were shredded. Pomegranate seeds were added for gem-like red pellets of colors. The sweet fresh coconut water was added plus the nut milk. 

Scoop some purple yam and top it. A fat straw will work but you are going to need a spoon to dig the goodies out from the bottom!

This Filipino mixed fruit dessert is a meal. After eating this, you will be too full to even look at the other food for dinner. 

This vegetarian Filipino dessert is a meal on its own. It's extremely filling and you can even get your day's dose of protein from all the sweet red beans that are in it.

It can be your favorite dessert as well. You can go ahead and put some favorite ice cream on top. There's no rule here. It's a mix of good stuff.

This is the quick and easy way to make this vegetarian Filipino dessert. The secret is in the mix! You'll get digging for the sweet beans at the bottom of the glass!

Here's a video making a very simple halo-halo recipe.

A good Hawaiian Ice Shaver or Ice crusher in commercial grade lets you make the best shaved ice for your Halo-Halo Filipino dessert.

The best ones are those that can crush ice like no other. For best result and durability the stainless type is recommended.  

This one shuts off its motor automatically when the handle is up for safety.

Got a sweet tooth? Check out some really yummy Filipino vegetarian desserts.

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