Filipino Fruit Salad - It's not just a salad. It's a dessert! 

Filipinos love to eat too. In fact, they love to eat a lot. Have you tried the Filipino fruit salad? 

You can't miss the Filipino fruit salad they serve in their home parties and get-togethers. It's a mix of sweet delicious exotic fruits like mangoes, pineapples, coconut gelatin and the whole nine yards nestled in a base of creaminess that satisfy your palate and your soul.

You can put any fruit you want in it but there are a must have ingredients to make it a Filipino fruit salad. What are those ingredients? Well, read on and dig deeper.

No. It's not just a Filipino delicacy. At a Pinoy party, it's everyone's delicacy!

If you are following a low fat vegetarian diet, then this fruit dessert salad is a must try. 

To make it vegetarian or vegan, some substitutions have been made but the whole delicious exotic concept of the recipe has been preserved. 

Prepared for my husband's office Christmas party in Manhattan. If you put red fruits like raspberries, the juices become festive raspberry pink. Berry beautiful and tasty!
Vegan fruit salad without the cream cheese. This has coconut gelatin called 'Kaong' although I prefer a raw young coconut meat called 'Buko.'

Dye-hard Pinoy chefs use Nestle Cream or Cream Cheese. In this Pinoy fruit salad recipe, we will be using raw cashew nuts.

They also use canned fruits, but we will be using fresh fruits as much as possible here and we are skipping the sugary condensed milk.

  • Raw Cashew Nuts for a creamy consistency
  • Dash of Cinnamon
  • a teaspoon REAL vanilla
  • Turbinado sugar for sweetness (if you wish) Coconut water will suffice!
  • Colorful fruits like cherries, blueberries and raspberries
  • Palm Nut Preserves - drained (call it a Filipino fruit but they're palm nuts)
  • Red and Green grapes
  • Coconut Gelatin (found at Asian store near you)
  • crushed pineapple - not the canned. Crush it yourself
  • 1 small cubed apple
  • Young Coconut with the water (a must)

Note: By all means, if young coconut is available use it including the coconut water for the flavor.

Take all the fruits and put them in a big mixing bowl. Get half part of the pineapple and torment it by crushing it yourself. It's much tastier than the ones that come in a can.

You can make the raw cashew sauce by grinding them in your high speed blender until the nuts are fully grinded and pulverized.

Cashews make an excellent creamy base for anything that calls for cream including salad dressings and dessert's frosting.

If you are a die-hard vegan, you can skip the condensed milk. But if you can't get away with it and you're lacto vegetarian, then sure, go for it. 

If you are using a young coconut, the water is sweet enough. Raspberries will give a beautiful color to the salad.

Mix all the ingredients together until all the fruits are coated and creamy with the cashew sauce. Cover the bowl and chill. Serve as a dessert or put it where your fruit cocktail is 'cause they make good neighbors.

Enjoy the party.

This Filipino fruit salad is one of the best in my Filipino food list. Give it a go for your next party or get together. It's an awesome addition to your vegetarian food list. 

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