Vegetable juice recipes - boost your immune system without having to get an annual flu shot.

Nobody likes flu shots. Make your weakened defenses strong enough to combat the flu virus by drinking veggie nectars!

These vegetable juice recipes have all the benefits you need to keep you in tip-top health without getting a flu vaccine. Fruits and veggie juices are nature's flu shot. Make your own V8, V5 or V whatever. They're the best beverage that keep you in tip-top health.

Never run on fear again about getting the flu or worry about the world running into a vaccine shortage.

Meet the original flu shot:


Unless you are chronically ill elderly with a weakened immune system, you don't need to have a flu shot. Wait, yes you do... consume more fresh fruits and vegetables and defy the prescribed path.

Fresh vegetable juices is your flu shot! They don't hurt like the needle and they are delicious! Which one do you prefer? You decide.

You don't need to get sick every time the flu season comes. Take extra Vitamin C from these fresh vegetables juice recipes and you're good go - combat the flu virus that is... Kick it where it hurts before it hurts you!

Fresh Booster Juice 

Green Mean Juice

Gotta have your V juice

Lycopene Bomb


Green Juice - Ectoplasm Free.
Ghostbusters approved.

Jungle Juice - Jane recommended.
Tarzan approved.

There's something feverish about the truth.

Flu Shots Are Made of What?

Research shows how the vaccine is made. It's a shocking discovery. They're made from chicken embryos & other unimaginable 'live' viruses. Not only that, they contain aluminum (a neurotoxin responsible for alzheimers disease), Triton X-100 (a detergent), Sodium Phosphate, Ethylene Glycol (antifreeze), some disinfectant stuff & other chemical buzz words. Ouch & Yuck.

A human body is not an engine. Turns out that for people who are allergic to that stuff (Who isn't? They're chemicals.) get sick. You get the actual flu. 

Drink your fruits & vegetable juices. That's the original flu shot. Keep it simple. Keep it tasty. No needles. The health benefits of juicing beats the flu vaccine.

Tip to make your savory vegetable juice recipes tasty. Add the following:

  • 1 Lime
  • 1 tsp of Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 tsp hot sauce (or more if you like it blazing hot)

No alcohol please... it's acid. That'll defy the whole healthy purpose of it.

Do you like Frank's Red Hot sauce? Well then, put that (splat) on everything... including your vegetables juice recipes!

Juice on to keep yourself in tip-top health. Boost your immune system with a vegetarian diet & discover the health benefits of juicing.

May you live long, healthy and happy. Namaste and God Bless!

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